The Drumometer Key to Success

Drumming Enthusiasts

Drumming Enthusiasts

The Drumometer is the perfect companion for any drummer. With the immediate feedback it helps develop a relaxed playing style, strengthen endurance, and an improved sense of timing.

Company Branding & Marketing


Hosting an Event can benefit any size of company. The kits are fully customizable to the specific needs of any company and can help build increase customer acquisition and brand awareness.

Festival Events

Music Expos & Festivals

Event Kits can be tailored to host a competition in any setting. They are also ideal for a booth or festival area and can greatly increase the traffic of people to your area at the event.


Schools & Non-profit Organizations

Fundraising Event Kits are ideal for any type of fundraising event. Simply great way to raise plentiful funds for any school group or organization in a fun and easy kit that makes the event effortless.

Festival & Expo Events

Festival Events

Hosting an event at a venue such as an Expo or a Festival is easy with the Drumometer Event Package and Licensing Kit. The event is easily held in a booth or small area of a larger event, and inevitably attracts the crowds effortlessly. With the small amount of overhead to purchase the kit, the amount of profit that is attainable is unlimited.

Simply follow the included Guidebook instructions on how to host an event, and soon you will be asking the crowd if they would like a chance to see if they are the Fastest Drummer. The event encourages healthy competition and is fun for people of all ages.

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Benefits for Schools & Non-profit Organizations

Fundraisers & Educational Uses

Not only is the Drumometer effective in engaging students in music classes across the globe, but it is a cost effective and profitable means of fundraising as well. With the Drumometer Fundraising Kit, organizations can host competitions that not only are an effective means of raising money but also engaging students and the general public in a healthy & fun competition.

By allowing contestants to pay a very small entry fee of your choice, they get the chance to attempt to prove they are the fastest drummer in the crowd. The entry fees add up quickly and surpass the cost of the Fundraising Kit at which point all proceeds are profitable funds for your organization.

The Fundraising Kit comes complete with everything needed for the event. This includes printable promotional flyers, an informative DVD, and a complete Guidebook full of instructions. There is no need to sell less profitable cookies and magazines anymore, when you can gain more from an event that excites and engages everyone around!

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Company Marketing & Branding Events

Marketing & Branding Uses

For local customer aquisition and increasing brand awareness, there is nothing more helpful than drawing a crowd. Hosing an Event can bring in many new potential customers while getting your company name and logo in the spotlight. The Drumometer Event Package & Licensing Kit is fully customizable and can be tailored to fit your specific needs and maximize the benefit to your company.

The Event Package includes everything you need to successfully market and host the event. Why wait to draw in the masses and maximize your potential? For the one time purchase of an Event Kit, you own the items neccessary to host as many competitions as you may choose. Create a yearly trend while getting your company notoriety with a Drumometer Event!

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Benefits for Drumming Enthusiasts

The Drummer's Best Friend

The Drumometer Model II measures a drummer's technical accuracy, hand or foot speed, and endurance by counting the total number of strokes a drummer can play within a preset time (1 to 900 seconds). It's a very progressive practice tool to help develop a relaxed playing style, strengthen endurance, and improve your sense of timing. The Drumometer is an effective teaching device for any drum instructor as students have a tangible goal to surpass.

The Drumometer Model II Kit includes the trademark Drumometer along with a Drum-O-Pad and Drum-O-Trigger. Working together these tools can help you develop timing, meter and accuracy as they allow you to visualize your strokes in real time giving you immediate feedback during your practice routine.

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