"I was surprised and humbled by the Drumometer because it re-taught me a lesson. Relax !! when you play the drums. Relax when you want to play fast and hard. Don't tense up. The Drumometer will show you the way."

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~Kenny Aronoff
Musician, Author, & Clinician

The Drumometer Model II

As seen on MTV, ESPN, BBC, CNN, FOX Sports, ABC, CBS, VH1, Discovery Health... the Drumometer is a mutlipurpose tool that comes with many benefits!

Become an
Event Host

Event Packages are completely customizable and ideal for benefits, fundraisers, marketing events, branding, festivals, & more!

The Drumometer Event Package & Licensing Kit comes with everything needs to host your event year after year.

Fundraising Events

The Drumometer Fundraising Package is ideal for non-profit organizations such as schools to drum up participant excitement and raise funds simultaneously.

Drumometer Products

Drumometer has a variety of products that compliment the Drumometer Model II. Check out items that can assist you during your drumming practice, or additional items that can be used during Events & Fundraisers!

Event News

View images and videos of prior events on our News Page.

Key to Success?

Find out how to make Drumometer the Key to Success for your group or organization!


What People Are Saying...

"I'm delighted to have the Drumometer as a tool to progress as a musician and technician of my instruments. To focus on the evenness and consistency of one's playing is crucial, and to be able to log this in a systematic way is terrific. The Drumometer can be used for many different percussion instruments, not just snare or bass drumming, and therefore it is up to the musician to keep exploring its potential."

~Dr. Evelyn Glennie

Events & Fundraising


Hosting Events & Fundraisers is made easy with our ready made Kits!

Each Kit is fully customizable and comes with everything you need to host your event year after year. Each kit comes complete with posters & flyers to advertise your event, full instructions on all aspects of hosting, all hardware needed to set up for the event, and more.

You will have everything you need to draw in the crowds and host a widely successful event to benefit your group or organization.

The Drumometer is the most highly effective practice tool
for improving a drummer's speed, accuracy & timing.