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Combo Package

The Drumometer is the perfect companion for any drummer. With the immediate feedback it helps develop a relaxed playing style, strengthen endurance, and an improved sense of timing.

Drumming Practice Gear


Hosting an Event can benefit any size of company. The kits are fully customizable to the specific needs of any company and can help build increase customer acquisition and brand awareness.

Drumometer II Full Kit

Drumometer II
Full Kit

Event Kits can be tailored to host a competition in any setting. They are also ideal for a booth or festival area and can greatly increase the traffic of people to your area at the event.

Event & Licensing Package


Fundraising Event Kits are ideal for any type of fundraising event. Simply great way to raise plentiful funds for any school group or organization in a fun and easy kit that makes the event effortless.

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World's Fastest Drummer Official T-Shirts & Wrist Support Straps for drummers.

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Documentaries and Instructional Videos brought to you by the makers of Drumometer.

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